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University of Arkansas, Fayetteville – Students

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: From Library Catalog

Found in 81 Collections and/or Records:

Angel Flight Scrapbook

Identifier: MC 1581
Scope and Content Note

A scrapbook contained in large wooden covers. The front is decorated with an insignia of the Arkansas Razorbacks and one of Angel Flight. The scrapbook contains photographs, printed programs and other material, one or two pieces of correspondence. The photographs, generally unidentified, document the attendance of the membership at national conferences of Angel Flight, the Arnold Air Society, or AFROTC.

Dates: 1985-1986

Etna McGaugh Atkinson Papers

Identifier: MC 707
Scope and Content Note

Photograph, postcard, programs, invitations, tickets, and letter pertaining to student activities of Etna McGaugh and her sister, Louise.

Dates: 1923-1936

Emma Byrnes Barnes Papers

Identifier: MC 1112
Scope and Content Note The collection, comprising personal papers and memorabilia of Emma Byrnes Barnes and her daughter, Elizabeth Byrnes, University of Arkansas alumna, class of 1938, contains newspaper clippings pertaining to the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas; letters; term report card; AAUW yearbooks; 1900 Kappa Alpha reception and 1905 Sigma Alpha Epsilon banquet programs; personal portraits and group photographs; and other documents. It also contains the obituary announcement of A.M....
Dates: ca 1895-1950s

Mary Antoinette Barnett Diploma

Identifier: MC 1435
Scope and Content Note

The collection contains Mary Antoinette Barnett's Arkansas Industrial University diploma dating from 1876.

Dates: 1876

William Johnson Barton Textbooks

Identifier: MC 32
Scope and Content Note

Collection consists of the "First Notebook," a notebook used by William Johnson Barton while a student at Arkansas Industrial University.

Dates: May 1, 1875

Irene Bird Scrapbook

Identifier: MC 1149
Scope and Content Note The scrapbook contains printed pages for social functions, theaters, and places of entertainment attended; the names of Bird's friends, their autographs and brief comments; newspaper clippings; postcards; greeting cards; invitations; printed concert and theater programs; admission tickets to sporting events; partially identified snapshots of Irene Bird, her friends, classmates, and professors (Dr. McKinley) at the university, some snapshots taken in front of Carnall Hall, one picture of the...
Dates: 1923-1925

Black Americans for Democracy Materials

Identifier: MC 1915.UA
Scope and Content Note

The collection contains meeting minutes, assorted paper materials, photographs and objects.

Dates: 1971-2009

M. Graham Black Papers

Identifier: MC 608
Scope and Content Note

The papers contain items from the student and navy days of Mr. Black, programs from his season with the Martha Graham Dance Company, original poetry and a stage play, clippings, photographs, and phonograph records of songs sung by Mr. Black.

Dates: 1938-1986

David Russell Boatright Scrapbook

Identifier: MC 928
Scope and Content Note

Scrapbook of University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, student David Russell Boatright, 1931-1935, containing clippings, correspondence, photographs, and programs.

Dates: 1931-1935

W. P. Booth Papers

Identifier: MC 1195
Scope and Content Note

The papers consist of classroom notes and essays on commerce, geography, history, and social sciences and two scrapbooks with newspaper clippings, the Arkansas Industrial University Commencement program, 1880 and 1882, two letters (Arkansas Industrial University to W.P. Booth), 1880 and 1881, and handwritten notes. The papers also include Booth's 1883 diploma.

Dates: 1879-1885

Leroy W. Browne Photographs

Identifier: MC 804
Scope and Content Note

The photos and related items pertain to the University of Arkansas engineering class of 1915 and the class reunion of 1915. Sizes are given in inches, height by width.

Dates: 1910-1967

Martha M. Callahan Scrapbook

Identifier: MC 1622
Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of Martha Callahan's scrapbook, which contains pictures, letters, school material, cards, newspaper clippings and other memorabilia. Loose items were collected in a separate folder.

Dates: 1955-1958

John C. Carroll Papers

Identifier: MC 1659
Scope and Content Note

This collection contains materials mainly from the University of Arkansas, Harvard Law School, the U.S. Army, and his law and municipal judgeship career. Other materials include receipts, certificates, personal balance sheets, YMCA membership cards, church pamphlets, and photographs.

Dates: 1910-1996

Carolyn Clinehens Chandler Papers

Identifier: MC 1970
Scope and Content Note

Materials in this collection include biographical information, correspondence and materials relating to Carolyn Chandler's life, particularly her time spent working as a Red Cross SRAO Donut Dolly in Korea and Vietnam, as well as photographs, slides, newspaper clippings, items worn by Clinehens Chandler, and scrapbooks.

Dates: 1940-2010; Majority of material found within 1963-1967

Class Prophecy, 1876

Identifier: MC 740
Scope and Content Note

Privately printed booklet, "Vox Clamantis in Academia," by William J. Waggener, 1912, containing prophecy in verse for the first collegiate graduating class (1876) of the University of Arkansas.

Dates: 1912

Daphne Dailey Papers

Identifier: MC 731
Scope and Content Note The collection primarily concerns Daphne Dailey's years as a student at the University of Arkansas. It includes correspondence between Daphne Dailey, classmates, and friends; Dailey's University of Arkansas journalism class papers; her sister Maxine's and brother O.L.'s school papers; and her father's Fayetteville Church of Christ papers; and a few photographs of the Boy Scout Camp at Charleston (Franklin County), Arkansas. Contains Correspondence, school papers, church papers,...
Dates: 1923-1947

Delta Delta Delta Composite Photograph

Identifier: MC 2649-UA
Scope and Contents

Collection consists of one photograph.

Dates: 1963-1964

James Henry Dunaway Receipts

Identifier: MC 44
Scope and Content Note

Tuition and matriculation receipts, Arkansas Industrial University, signed by James Mitchell and J. F. Simonds, for fees paid by James Henry Dunaway (1861-1938).

Dates: 1876-1877

David Greer Reminiscences

Identifier: MC 1563
Scope and Content Note

The work is arranged in roughly chronological order, more of a chatty narrative than a straight chronology of Greer's life and work. Includes references to his college days, when he boarded at the Liebolt house and worked for Linebarger at Bella Vista, rural life in his childhood and later, and his experiences as an engineer in many parts of the world.

Apparently there has been some revision. A few interleaved sheets contain either illustrations or notations of missing pages.

Dates: 1910-1983

Mary Jane Haley University Memorabilia

Identifier: MC 588
Scope and Content Note

The collection contains various materials, including: programs for educational, musical, and dramatic productions; commencement and Alumni Association materials; a photograph and numerous postcards; and general materials, such as a freshman arm band and a pin-on button. These materials speak to campus life, society, and culture from the Jazz Age to World War II.

Dates: 1920-1941

William Jefferson Hamilton Daybook and Memoirs

Identifier: MS H21
Scope and Content Note

Material pertaining to the life of William J. Hamilton, Arkansas student, teacher, lawyer, and merchant, especially to his years as a student at Arkansas Industrial University, 1889-1894. The memoirs also relate, in part, to the history of Hartford, Arkansas, to Hamilton's daughter, Nell Lucille Hamilton Trotter, and to other members of the Hamilton-Gryder-York-Dean-Trotter families.

Dates: 1889-1894; 1945; 1972

Heerwagen Student Papers

Identifier: MC 983
Scope and Content Note 3 volumes of plays, short stories and essays written by Paul Killian Heerwagen and William Ramey Heerwagen. The first two volumes, one of short stories and the other of plays, were written by Paul Heerwagen. The plays are on a variety of topics, including Confederate hero David 0. Dodd. The stories are a collection of short fiction works, dealing mostly with Southern topics. The last volume is apparently a student’s notebook, containing architectural sketches and an essay, by William Ramey...
Dates: ca 1942

George H. Holmes Papers

Identifier: MC 2064
Scope and Content Note

This collection includes letters written by George Henry Holmes to his mother, Francis Henry Holmes, while he was a student at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (1910-1912) and his typed and handwritten poems written between 1943 and 1951. The collection also includes a letter from P.G. Holmes to his wife, Martha, and a political brochure from George Holmes’ re-election campaign for the Tenth Judicial District of Arkansas prosecuting attorney.

Dates: 1908-1951

John J. Hughes Autograph Album and Photographs

Identifier: MS H87
Scope and Content Note

Autograph album inscribed "A.I.U." with signature of John J. Hughes. Verses and writings signed by fellow students commemorate their schooldays together. Photographs of unidentified classmates and a photograph of Old Main.

Dates: 1881

Robert H. Hunt War Publicity Collection

Identifier: MC 466
Scope and Content Note The papers include printed material collected by Hunt pertaining to World Wars I and II. There are twelve color posters issued by the U.S. War Department between 1942 and 1945, two hundred and nineteen black and white picture collages, Illustrated Current News, Dec 7, 1942-May 11, 1945, published by the Illustrated Current News, Inc., New Haven, Connecticut, and a picture scrapbook containing magazine clippings from the wartime period. The papers also contain Hunt's four typewritten...
Dates: ca 1918-1945