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William Simeon Campbell Photograph Albums and Papers

Identifier: MC 1427

Scope and Content Note

The papers consist primarily of materials created, collected, and arranged by Campbell during the course of his life in Fayetteville, Arkansas from 1900 to 1960.

Eighteen photograph albums and photograph/scrapbook albums are included with a limited amount of loose photographs, correspondence, family history notes, memorial books for W. S. and Blanche Dora Campbell, and a few printed items. The photographs depict family life, school and community activities, buildings and landscapes, and automobile trips. There are many pictures of the University of Arkansas. Family members are the most frequent subjects. Several albums picture Galveston, Texas, and the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, where the Campbells frequently traveled. The photographs range from snapshots to 8" x 10" professionally made portraits. Most are black and white; the later photographs are in color. A selective index to the albums is included with this Finding Aid. Also included is a framed frontispiece to Campbell's book, One Hundred Years of Fayetteville, created by artist J. H. Field.

Associated material housed in Special Collections consists of four items in the Washington County Historical Society Collection. Two folders contain correspondence to and from W. S. Campbell primarily related to the publication and sale of the book 100 Years of Fayetteville, 1828-1928. (See MC 1368, Box 13). Two other notebooks contain Campbell’s personal and professional correspondence, ca 1927-1951. (See MC 1368, Volumes 85 and 86).

Selective Index to Photographs in Albums

This index includes members of the Campbell and related families, as well as friends and other persons, places, and events of importance to the history of Fayetteville and North Arkansas. Places in other states are indexed if they pertain to the careers of W. S. Campbell or his son, Errington. Most vacation pictures are not indexed.

An example of the location code is: B3, A7, p12 (1919). This means: Box 3, Album 7, page 12 and date of photograph.

Campbell Family - Individuals

Bertha Campbell Bartlett (b 1893)

B3, A7, p15 (ca 1918)

B2, A4, pp18-27 (ca 1919) Several photographs of Bertha’s life in Washington, D.C.

B1, A1, p54 (ca 1920)

Blanche Dora Graham Campbell - Mrs. W. S. Campbell (1880-1959)

B3, A7, p24 (ca 1898)

B4, A10, p7 (ca 1905)

B3, A7, p50 (1906)

B3, A7, p52 (1906)

B2, A4, p5 (ca 1916)

B3, A7, p55 (ca 1919)

B3, A7, p25 (1947)

B3, A7, p8 (ca 1948)

B4, A10, p8 (ca 1948)

Blanche Maud Campbell Hight (1906-1999)

B3, A7, p53 (1906)

B3, A7, p22 (1910)

B3, A7, p53 (1910)

B3, A7, pp45-46 (ca 1910) Six snapshots

B3, A7, p48 (ca 1918)

B3, A7, p54 (1919)

B2, A4, p12 (ca 1920)

B2, A4, p13 (ca 1920)

B3, A7, p137 (ca 1920)

B3, A7, p63 (1928)

Errington Campbell (1902-1980)

B3, A7, p42 (1902)

B3, A7, p48 (ca 1910)

B1, A2, p78 (ca 1916)

B2, A4, p1 (ca 1918)

B2, A4, p7 (ca 1918)

B2, A4, p1 (ca 1919)

B2, A4, p10 (ca 1920)

B2, A4, p11 (ca 1920)

B2, A3, pp45-47 (1919) Twenty-five snapshots of work in Oklahoma hay harvest

Lottie Campbell Abee

B3, A7, p15 (ca 1940)

Mollie Campbell

B3, A7, p14 (ca 1940)

Nona Campbell Brandon

B3, A7, p15 (ca 1940)

Roland Lee Campbell

B3, A7, p11 (ca 1910)

Stanley Campbell

B3, A7, p138 (ca 1917)

W[illiam] S[imeon] Campbell (1880-1960)

B3, A7, p124 (ca 1904) On dock in Galveston, Texas

B3, A7, p114 (ca 1904) In Galveston, Texas

B3, A7, p17 (ca 1910)

B3, A7, p65 (ca 1910)

B1, A2, p45 (ca 1947)

B2, A5, p135 (ca 1947)

B7, A18, p2 (ca 1947)

B3, A7, pp09-122 (ca 1902-1908) Memoir of work in Galveston, Texas buying and shipping cabbages for A.C. Hamilton, Co.

B3, A7, pp87-94 (ca 1902-1920) Memoir of work in Northwest Arkansas buying and shipping apples for A.C. Hamilton, Co.

W[illiam] T[homas] Campbell (d 1914)

B3, A7, p10 (1877) Tintype

B3, A7, p10 (ca 1892)

B2, A4, p16 (ca 1905) Plowing with mules in Sharp County, Arkansas

B2, A3, p29 (ca 1910)

Campbell Family - Groups

W. S. and Blanche Maud

B3, A7, p55 (ca 1912)

B3, A7, p22b (ca 1918)

W. S. and Blanche Dora

B4, A10, p8 (ca 1940)

W. S., Blanche Dora, Annie Thomason, Errington

B3, A7, p42 (1902)

W. S., Blanche Dora, Blanche Maud, Errington

B3, A7, p143 (1915)

W. S., Blanche Dora, Verna, Errington

B6, A16, p75 (ca 1947)

W. S., Blanche Dora, Blanche Maud, Errington

B3, A7, p80 (ca 1910)

W. S., Blanche Dora, Errington

B3, A7, p9 (1901)

B3, A7, p31 (1901) Narrative history of life in Center, Arkansas, and photographs of house built by W. S.

W. S., Blanche Dora, Blanche Maud, Errington

B3, A7, p28 (ca 1908)

W. S., Lee, Stanley

B2, A4, p17 (1914)

W. S. and Lottie

B2, A5, p1 (ca 1930)

W. S., Blanche Dora, Blanche Maud

B2, A6, p2 (ca 1954)

W. S. and his siblings and parents

B3, A7, p14 (ca 1897) Family portrait with genealogical information written on page

W. S., Blanche Dora, Errington, Blanche Maud

B3, A7, p20 (1912) Portrait

W. S., Blanche Dora

B3, A7, p20 (1940)

W. S., Nona, Bertha, Lottie, Verna, Dorine, Joe

B3, A7, p139 (1945)

Blanche Dora, Errington, Blanche Maud, Nona, Bertha, Stanley

B3, A7, p37 (1912)

Nona, Bertha, Maud, Effie, Cliffie

B3, A7, p79 (ca 1908)

Blanche Dora and a sister-in-law

B7, A17, p58 (ca 1947)

Blanche Dora, Blanche Maud, Errington

B1, A2, p75 (ca 1905)

Bertha and Nona

B3, A7, p23 (1914)

B2, A4, p24 (ca 1919)

Blanche Dora, Errington, Mrs. J. E. Graham

B3, A7, p51 (1905)

Blanche Maud, Errington, with unidentified baby

B3, A7, p56 (1908)

Blanche Maud and Errington

B2, A4, p8 (ca 1920)

Blanche Dora, Blanche Maud, Errington, Miss Barbee Craig

B3, A7, p78 (ca 1910)

Blanche Dora, Errington, Blanche Maud

B3, A7, p11 (1911)

Joe and Hiram Brandon and other Campbell cousins

B7, A18, p5 (ca 1948)

Campbell family looking off East Mountain

B2, A4, p14 (ca 1916)

Fayetteville - Buildings

Bates, Joseph Russell, home on corner of Sunset and Cleveland

B4, A10, p43 (ca 1947)

Block Street

B2, A5, p144 (1937)

Budd House on Rock Street

B1, A2, p57 (ca 1947)

Campbell Home at 216 S. Church, “First home Campbells owned”

B3, A7, p67-70 (ca 1910)

B3, A7, p73 (ca 1910)

B3, A7, p78 (ca 1910)

Campbell Home at 306 W. Lafayette Street

B2, A3, pp7-8 (ca 1925) Interiors

B2, A5, p121 (ca 1945)

B7, A17, p58 (1947) Winter

Campbell Home at 7 Watson Avenue

B2, A4, p4 (ca 1916)

B3, A7, p47 (ca 1918) Includes pictures of outbuilding, “The Barn,” and a written narrative

B1, A2, p64a (ca 1919) Interiors

Campbell-Bell Building

B2, A5, p150 (ca 1900)

Chamber of Commerce office

B4, A10, p1 (ca 1943) Interior

Dickson Street

B1, A2, p35 (ca 1935)

Fayetteville High School

B2, A3, p41 (ca 1919)

Gregg House on Gregg Street

B1, A2, p48 (ca 1940)

“Highthaven,” home of Blanche and Jack Hight on Fairview Street

B7, A17, p40 (ca 1947)

“Old Hight Home”

B4, A9, p2 (ca 1900)

Hight oil distributor business, corner of College and Mountain

B7, A17, p30 (ca 1947)

Hospital Heights

B1, A2, p55 (ca 1947)

Jefferson School

B4, A10, p26 (ca 1945)

Jerpe Dairy Products

B1, A2, p55 (ca 1945)

B2, A5, p125 (ca 1945)

McIlroy Home on Fairview Street

B1, A2, p72 (ca 1947)

Mount Nord Residences

B2, A5, p109 (ca 1920)

National Cemetery

B4, A10, p32 (ca 1945)

Ozark Theater and Washington County Courthouse

B2, A3, p57 (ca 1920)

Sigma Chi/Alpha Delta Pi House on Maple Street

B7, A17, p72 (ca 1947)

South Fayetteville Residences

B4, A10, p12a-13 (ca 1940)

Springbrook Farm on Appleby Road

B2, A5, p110 (ca 1947)

Springbrook “Manor” on Appleby Road

B4, A8, p4 (ca 1947)


B4, A10, p42 (1872) View of entire Square

B4, A10, p28 (ca 1897) South side

B2, A5, p143 (1900)

B2, A3, p14 (ca 1918)

B2, A5, p141 (ca 1945)

Sun Company Gasoline Station

B2, A3, p4 (ca 1920)

Uark Theater

B1, A2, p52 (ca 1947)

Veterans Hospital

B6, A16, p77 (ca 1947)

Walker/Stone House on Block Street

B4, A10, p42 (ca 1947)

Washington County Courthouse

B6, A16, p81 (ca 1947) Includes W. S. and Verna Campbell

Washington Lodge No. 1 on corner of South Block and East Rock Streets

B4, A10, p25 (ca 1947)

Washington School

B4, A10, p27 (ca 1890)

Williams, Roy. Home on Williams Drive

B4, A10, p43 (ca 1947)

B7, A17, p72 (ca 1947)

Fayetteville - Description

Campbell home on Lafayette Street - winter views from the house

B7, A17, p28 (1947)

B2, A5, p134 (1947)

City Park (Wilson Park)

B3, A7, p58 (ca 1910). Lake where swimming pool was built in 1925. Walking by lake are: Lena Sanders, Mrs. W. S. Campbell, Maude Lesche, Anna Hurst, Harold Sanders, Errington and Blanche Maud Campbell.

B1, A2, p55 (ca 1947) Swimming Pool

Dinsmore Place

B4, A10, p37 (ca 1947) Small lake with water lilies

Drake Field Airport

B2, A5, p146 (ca 1946) Aerial view

Fayetteville townscape

B4, A10, p29 (ca 1872) Hansard photograph copied by W. S. Campbell

B1, A2, p46 (ca 1930) “Foggy morning from Mt. Sequoyah” - Green photograph copied.

Lafayette Street

B1, A2, p47 (ca 1930) Man with horse and wagon on corner of Lafayette Street and Arkansas Avenue.

Mount Nord

B2, A5, p135 (1915) View from Arkansas Building. Family members and information listed on picture.

B2, A5, p135 (1915) Streetscape

B3, A7, p59 (1910)

Mount Sequoyah

B2, A5, p139 (ca 1935) View from roof of Washington County Courthouse

Fayetteville - Events

Airplane cockpit - Col. Bill Yancy in captain’s seat

B2, A5, p28 (1940)

Airplane in field

B2, A3, p4 (1919)

Apple Blossom Festival Parade, Fayetteville’s Float.

B4, A10, pp3-4 (1923)

Dickson Street

B4, A10, p12 (1914)

Fayetteville’s Parade Float in Semi-Centennial of University of Arkansas

B3, A7, pp75-76 (1921)

B4, A10, p21 (1921) Helen Hansard, Edith Tunstill, Blanche Campbell

B4, A10, p21 (1921) Float with “Flappers”


Armistice Day Parade

B4, A10, p12 (1918)

Parade, World War II

B4, A10, p11 (ca 1945)

B4, A10, p12 (1914)

Tightrope walker above buildings

B2, A5, p25 (1925)

Fayetteville - Monuments

Butterfield Stage Route

B4, A10, p50 (ca 1925) Marker at Washington County Courthouse

Confederate Cemetery

B3, A7, p74,77 (ca 1916) Two photographs

B2, A6, p4 (1938) Decoration Day

B4, A8, p10 (1942) Five photographs

B2, A5, p115 (ca 1945)

Fayetteville - People

Alcorn, Mary

B2, A3, p18 (ca 1917)

Allen, Dan

B2, A3, p21 (ca 1918) “At pie-eating contest - during halftime at football game”

Alexander, Imogene

B2, A3, p23 (ca 1919)

B2, A3, p38 (ca 1919)

Amaker, Boy

B2, A3, p36 (1918)

Askew, Margaret

B2, A3, p38 (ca 1919)

Bayles, Roy (Curly)

B2, A3, p30 (ca 1919)

B2, A3, p35 (1919) “At Fayetteville Pageant”

Brough, Charles Hillman

B3, A7, p141 (ca 1912) with “Deacons and Pastor of First Baptist Church”

Dailey, Mildred

B2, A3, p28 (1918)

Daniels, Walter

B2, A3, p27 (1919) “In front of Carnall Hall”

Dever, Olin

B2, A3, p16 (1918)

George, Mary Burton

B2, A3, p42 (ca 1917)

Hansard, Lela

B2, A3, p16 (1917)

B2, A3, p42 (ca 1918)

Hansard, “Pud”

B2, A3, p27 (1919)

Harris, Margaret

B2, A3, p28 (1919)

McAllister, Ila

B2, A3, p5 (1919)

McGuire, Milton

B2, A3, p4 (ca 1918) “In dorm room, U of A”

McRaven, Mullens

B2, A3, p37 (1918)

McRoy, Dorothy

B2, A3, p40 (1916)

B2, A3, p16,17 (ca 1918)

Moon, Dorothy

B2, A3, p37 (ca 1918)

Nancy, Isabel

B2, A3, p15 (ca 1919)


B2, A3, p32 (ca 1919)

Nettleship, Wilma

B3, A7, p55 (1907) “With Roy Hurst and Errington and Blanche”

Petross, Lorraine

B2, A3, p42 (ca 1918)

Phillips, Charles “Puggy”

B2, A3, p27 (1919)

Rhea, Nelle

B2, A3, p10 (ca 1917)

Robinson, Opal and Dawn

B2, A3, p15 (ca 1919)

Smith, L.P. “Bags”

B2, A3, p20 (ca 1919) “In football uniform”

Stokenbury Twins, Edith and Ethel

B2, A3, p3 (1920)

Stone, Edward Durell

B2, A3, p12 (ca 1919)

B2, A3, p21 (ca 1919)

B2, A3, p4 (ca 1920)

Thomas, Bill

B2, A3, p4 (ca 1918)

Tuck, Delpha

B2, A3, p25 (1918)

Tucker, Irma

B2, A3, p37 (1919)

Wilkerson, Virginia

B2, A3, p16 (1918)

Fort Smith

Ward Hotel

B7, A17, p66 (ca 1947)

Ward Mansion

B7, A17, p65 (ca 1947)

Galveston, Texas - Campbell Family in Photographs

“A Brief Account of My Experiences and Labors in Galveston.” Memoir by W. S. Campbell.

B3, A7, pp109-122 (1902-1908)

B7, A7, p124 (1905) W. S. Campbell on dock.

Children on beach

B3, A7, p64 (ca 1908)

Corner of Broadway and Tremont

B6, A7, p49 (ca 1908)

B6, A15, p11 (ca 1908)

B6, A15, p13 (ca 1908)

B3, A7, p50 (1947)


B6, A15, p13

B6, A15, p13 (ca 1908)

Post Office

B6, A15, p9 (ca 1907)

Residence, 1924 Church Street

B3, A7, p64 (ca 1908)

Sea Wall

B3, A7, p61 (ca 1908)

B6, A15, p9 (ca 1908)

Galveston, Texas - Description

Docks and piers

B6, A13, p46 (1947)

Oil rigs

B6, A13, p48 (1947)

Lift - bridge

B6, A13, p49 (1947)


B6, A13, p49 (1947)


B3, A7, p130 (1905)

Beach Boulevard

B3, A7, p117 (1905)

Cabbage boats

B3, A7, p112 (1905)

B3, A7, p116 (1905)

Cabbage fields

B3, A7, p116 (ca 1905)

Cabbage shipment

B3, A7, p124 (1905)


B3, A7, p125 (ca 1905)

Harbor and wharf

B3, A7, p118 (1905)

B3, A7, p120 (1905)

B3, A7, p123 (1905)

B3, A7, p125 (1905)


B3, A7, p121 (1905)

Murdock’s Bathhouse

B3, A7, p130 (ca 1905)

Post office

B3, A7, p115 (1905)

Troops embarking

B3, A7, p118 (ca 1905)

Union Station

B3, A7, p105 (1905)

Graham Family

Family Portrait

B3, A7, p27 (ca 1895) Genealogical information on page 26

Graham, J. E.

B3, A7, p13 (1926)

Graham, Louisa C.

B3, A7, p12 (1890)

B3, A7, p12 (1935) Included is a clipping about her death

Lawrence, Fred

B3, A7, p12 (1935) Account of his death near Forrest City

Hamilton Family

A.C., Mary, Scott, W. J., Eileen, Mary Downs Lander, Mary Hamilton Lander, Andrew

B3, A7, p86 (ca 1906)

Portrait of A.C.

B3, A7, p111 (1910)

Hight Family

Blanche Campbell Hight and Jack Hight

B3, A7, p84 (1923) at time of their marriage.

Blanche and Jack in Galveston.

B3, A7, p49 (1947)

Hobbs, Roscoe

Two letters to W. S. Campbell.

B3, A7, p94 (1914 and 1956)

Highway 71

Bridge over Fourche LaFave near Waldron.

B7, A17, p63 (ca 1940)

Railroad bridge over Arkansas River at Van Buren

B2, A5, p37 (ca 1940)

Bridge over Arkansas River at Van Buren

B2, A5, p36 (ca 1940)

Bridge over Little River near Texarkana

B2, A5, p21 (ca 1940)

Near Mena

B7, A17, p63 (ca 1940) Four photographs

South of Fayetteville

B2, A3, p56 (ca 1925) Unpaved

Highway 62

Bridge over Crooked Creek near Harrison.

B4, A10, p45 (ca 1940)

Bridge over Crooked Creek near Pyeatt.

B4, A10, p44 (ca 1940)

“Triple Crossing.” Bridges between Harrison and Yellville.

B4, A10, p41 (ca 1940)

Bridge over White River at Cotter.

B4, A10, p45 (ca 1940)

Bridge over White River near Eureka Springs.

B4, A10, p37 (ca 1940)

Bridge over Mill Creek in Randolph County.

B2, A5, p126 (ca 1940)

Bridge over Town Branch at Yellville

B4, A10, p44 (ca 1940)

Highway 21

Three Sister Peaks in background. Austin Parrish standing by car

B2, A5, p24 (ca 1940)

Kerr, Tom and Ensign, Edith

Violinists on theater circuit

B3, A7, p145 (ca 1910)

Lake Fort Smith

Swimming pool

B2, A5, p131 (ca 1942)

Little Rock, Arkansas

Marion Hotel

B3, A7, p91 (ca 1911)

Madison County - Description


B4, A10, p14 (ca 1920)

B4, A10, p15 (ca 1937)


B2, A3, p13 (ca 1919)


B2, A3, p2 (ca 1919)

Public School Day in Huntsville

B4, A10, p14 (1938)

St. Paul

B2, A13, p2 (ca 1919)


B4, A8, p12 (ca 1943)


Elk River Bridge near Noel

B2, A5, p19 (ca 1920)

Mount Gaylor

Home of W. W. Vaught

B2, A5, pp6-7 (ca 1920) Interiors

Oklahoma - Description

Highway 62 near Eldon

B7, A18, p4 (ca 1920)

Oil fields

B2, A3, pp43-50 (ca 1920)

Sulphur - Artesian Hotel

B3, A7, p92 (ca 1910)


B3, A7, p92 (ca 1920)

Wheat harvest

B2, A3, pp43-50 (ca 1919)

Ozark National Forest

Cass - Ranger Station and Road

B4, A10, p38 (ca 1940)

Russellville - Tree Nursery

B4, A10, p39 (ca 1940)

Paris, Arkansas

Coal Mines

B2, A5, p14 (ca 1936)

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Hotel Jefferson

B3, A7, p91 (1911)

Rogers, Arkansas

Carnation Milk Plant

B4, A10, p47 (ca 1942)

Harris Hotel

B1, A2, p45 (ca 1920)

B2, A5, p17 (ca 1920)

Sharp County, Arkansas

Log house on Reed’s Creek

B4, A9, p3 (ca 1910)

Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Pet Milk Plant

B4, A10, p47 (ca 1942)


Peabody Hotel in Memphis

B3, A7, pp91-92 (ca 1910)

Texas - Description

Brownsville - Charro Days

B6, A14, pp6-7 (ca 1952)


Buildings and scenes

B6, A14, pp10-11 (ca 1952)

Oil distribution building

B2, A5, p41 (ca 1945)

Highways - near McAllen, Harlingen, Bishop

B2, A5, pp61-68 (ca 1947)

B2, A5, pp94-99 (ca 1947)

Kingsville - Celanese Plant

B2, A5, p55 (ca 1947)

Port Arthur - Refinery and lift bridge

B6, A13, p49 (ca 1947)

Rio Grande Valley

Pumping Station

B2, A5, p43 (ca 1947)

Row crops

B2, A5, p53 (ca 1947)

University of Arkansas - Buildings

Buck [Buchanan] Hall

B2, A3, p67 (ca 1915)

Carnall Hall

B2, A3, p67 (ca 1915) Bird’s eye view


B2, A3, p66

B1, A2, p51 (ca 1947)

Engineer’s Day at Engineering Hall

B3, A7, p85 (ca 1919)

Experiment Station

B2, A3, p32 (ca 1915)

Gray Hall

B2, A3, p67 (ca 1915)

Greek Theater

B1, A2, p45 (ca 1947)

B1, A2, p51 (ca 1947) Two photographs

Gregson Hall

B1, A2, p45 (ca 1947)

Hill Hall

B2, A3, p67 (ca 1915)

Home Economics

B1, A2, p51 (ca 1947)

Hospital [Infirmary]

B2, A3, p66 (ca 1915)

Memorial Hall (former Student Union)

B6, A16, p81 (ca 1947)

B1, A2, p51 (ca 1947)

B1, A2, p45 (ca 1947) Two snapshots, interiors

Men’s Gymnasium

B1, A2, p51 (ca 1947)

“Old Main”

B2, A3, p66 (ca 1915) East entrance

B2, A3, p66 (ca 1915) In snow

B1, A2, p45 (ca 1947)

B1, A2, p51 (ca 1947)

Peabody Hall

B2, A3, p66 (ca 1915) In snow

Razorback Stadium

B1, A2, pp50-51 (ca 1947) Multiple snapshots

B6, A16, p77 (ca 1947) Two photographs

B7,A17,pp35-36 (ca. 1947) Five photographs attached to one another, showing cars in parking area

Vol Walker Library

B1, A2, p45 (ca 1947)

B4, A10, p18 (ca 1947) Interior of lobby

B4, A10, p20 (ca 1947) Interior of stacks

B7, A17, p38 (ca 1947)

Y.M.C.A. Meeting “Hut”

B2, A3, p66 (ca 1915)

University of Arkansas - Events

Football Game, Arkansas vs. Kendall (University of Tulsa)

B2, A3, p21 (1919)

B2, A3, p30 (1919)

B2, A3, p32 (1919)

University of Arkansas - Description

View of east side of campus

B2, A5, p148 (ca 1945)

From southeast corner of a classroom building

B1, A2, p45 (ca 1947)

Washington County - Description

Bridges (unidentified - probably on White River)

B1, A2, p59 (ca 1947)

Goshen - cemetery and church near Round Mountain

B4, A10, p51 (ca 1940)

Highway 71

B1, A2, p58 (ca 1947)

Highway 16 - frozen waterfalls

B4, A9, p2 (ca 1940)

Johnson - limestone quarry

B2, A5, p15 (ca 1920)

Lake Wedington - “First photo ever made of Lake Wedington.”

B4, A10, p40 (ca 1938)


B4, A10, p49 (ca 1930)

White River Valley

B2, A4, p15 (ca 1910)

White Rock Mountain

B4, A10, p36 (ca 1942)

B1, A2, p58 (ca 1947)


  • 1896-1960


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Biographical Note

William Simeon Campbell (W. S. Campbell) was born in 1873 in Sharp County, Arkansas, where he received most of his education. He attended Arkansas Industrial University in 1896-1897. In 1901 he married Blanche Dora Graham Campbell of Tuckerman, Arkansas. Their children were William Errington Campbell and Blanche Maud Campbell Hight. Campbell is best known as the author of 100 Years of Fayetteville, 1828-1928. He was employed in Fayetteville and Galveston, Texas, and was active in many areas of civic life in Fayetteville. Campbell died on April 26, 1960. He and Mrs. Campbell are buried in Fayetteville’s Evergreen Cemetery.


11.8 Linear Feet (9 boxes and 1 item)

Arrangement of the Papers

Material is arranged and described in three series:

  1. Photograph Albums and Scrapbooks (Boxes 1-8)
  2. Typewritten, copied, handwritten and printed material (Box 9)
  3. One Hundred Years of Fayetteville frontispiece

Acquisition Information

The William Simeon Campbell Photograph Albums and Papers were donated to the Special Collections Department by his great-niece Joanne Brandon McLendon of Little Rock on March 20, 2001. Item 1 was donated by McLendon's brother, Hiram F. Brandon III of Fayetteville, Arkansas, on May 13, 2011.

Related Materials

Records relating to the William Simeon Campbell Photograph Albums and Papers include:

Washington County Historical Society Collection ca 1833-1995 MC 1368

Processing Information

Processed by Ellen Compton, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas, in October 2001. Updated by Katrina Windon in September 2022 to incorporate Item 1 (Series 3).



William Simeon Campbell Photograph Albums and Papers
Ellen Compton
October 2001
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