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South by Southwest Collection

Identifier: MC 971

Scope and Content Note

Letters, diaries, ledgers, legal documents, and printed items dealing with a wide variety of Arkansas subjects and people. In addition, fragile ledgers may be viewed on 2 reels of microfilm.

Included are nine letters, written from 1866 to 1876 from Fort Smith (Sebastian County), Fayetteville (Washington County), Little Rock (Pulaski County), and Washington, D.C., by James E. Trott, George William Sellers, Charles Whiting Walker, Elias C. Boudinot, Margaret Waterson, James M. Pittman, Thomas Boles, Jesse Turner, and William W. Belknap. The Reconstruction series also contains a printed song pamphlet for the Republican Party (circa 1867) and general orders for the Franklin County State Guards dated November 2, 1872. Represented in an additonal series for biographical materials are essays dealing with Hugh H. Thomason of Van Buren (Crawford County) and "The Old Knapsack," written in 1893 by Lieutenant Samuel Pinckney Pittman, Company K, Thirty-fourth Arkansas Infantry, relating his experiences on the march to the battle of Prairie Grove (Washington County).


  • Creation: 1828-1992


Language of Materials

Collection materials are in English.

Access Information

Please call (479) 575-8444 or email at least two weeks in advance of your arrival to ensure availability of the materials.

Use Information

Use Restrictions Apply: Many of the ledgers in series one are fragile. Microfilm access copies of these items should be used whenever possible, to minimize handling of originals.

No Interlibrary Loan.

Standard Federal Copyright Laws Apply (U.S. Title 17).


10.44 Linear Feet (12 boxes)

Arrangement of the Papers

The South by Southwest Collection represents the reorganized materials from six separate collections, all bearing the name South by Southwest.

The South by Southwest materials retained here have been arranged in thirteen series based on subject. Due to the nature of the previous six finding aids, this reorganization is an item-level inventory of materials. Many items in this collection are print materials, and the following definitions have been used in their description: A leaflet is a single sheet with a single fold. A pamphlet is a single sheet with multiple folds. A brochure is a stapled or string bound publication of up to sixteen pages. A booklet is a stapled, string, or perfect bound publication of more than 16 pages or more than two signatures.

The collection is organized into the following series:

  1. Business and finance, 1839-1928
  2. Clubs, fraternal orders, and labor unions, 1855-1932
  3. Reconstruction, 1866-1876
  4. Religion, 1837-1957
  5. Education, 1875-1992
  6. Politics and government, 1852-1992
  7. Fairs, amusements, entertainment, 1887-1959
  8. Booster materials, 1908-1941
  9. Biographies and autobiographies, 1852-1953
  10. Railroads, 1854-1909
  11. Courts and legal affairs, 1826-1929
  12. Writers and literature, 1890-1944
  13. Maps and property records, circa 1876-1944

Acquisition Information

The South by Southwest Collection was purchased by the Special Collections Department from South by Southwest Books of Fayetteville, Arkansas in a series of transactions from 1974 to 1984.

Separated Materials

Many items originally placed in the previous separate collections were removed during the reorganization to more appropriate divisions within the department such as the map collection, the Arkansas Collection, and the broadside collection. All removals have been documented within a special folder in the accession files for South by Southwest.

Processing Information

Reorganized by Kim Allen Scott in August 1989.

Collection contents were originally processed as seven distinct collections: MS So87 212 212A; MS So87s 233, 233D-E; MS So87s2 233F; MS So87s2 351E; MS So87s3 271, 300, 342, 342A, 470, 471; MS So87s4 479; and MS So87s5 380, 395, 396, 397.

In August 2020, two remaining items (Box LOC C1353B and Box LOC C1353C) from MS 8087s4 479 that had not been incorporated into MC 971 in 1989 along with the rest of the collection materials, were incorporated into MC 971 by Katrina Windon. In January 2021, an additional item that had been acquired in 1982 was incorporated as Box 8, Folder 5, Item 5 by Katrina Windon. In December 2022, additional materials that had been acquired circa 1986-1992 were incorporated into the collection as Boxes 9-10 by Katrina Windon.


The location codes in this index are given in series, box, and folder numbers. For example, to find materials pertaining to Elias Cornelius Boudinot, the code "83, B3, F12" is provided. This means the material can be found in series 3, Box 3, Folder 12.
Adams, E. J.
811, BS, F3
S2, B3, F10; S4, B4, F1; S4, B4, F3; S4, B5, F2; S5, B5, F3; S6, B6, F7; S7, B6, F8; S11, B8, F1
Allen, Ruby
84, BS, F2
Altus, Arkansas
84, B4, F6
81, Bl, F7
Arkansas Advancement Association
88, B6, F10
Arkansas Agricultural, Mechanical, and Normal College
85, BS, F7
Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs
82, B3, F5
Arkansas Industrial University
(see University of Arkansas)
Arkansas Rice Growers Cooperative Association
Sl, B2, F2
Armistead, H.B.
89, B6, F13
Ashley, Chester
86, B6, F4
Babcock, Bernie
S12, BS, F5
Bailey, Carl E.
86, B6, F7
Baker, H. L.
86, B6, F6
Ball, William McKnight
81, Bl, Fl
84, B4, Fl
Barr, John A.
84, B4, F7
Barton, Bruce
88, B6, Fll
Batesville, Arkansas
86, B6, F3
Bean, Mabel
812, B8, Fl0
Belknap, William Worth
S3, B3, F12
Belknap and Rosson
Sl, Bl, F4
Benton County
86, B6, F3; 87, B6, F8
Berry, James H.
86, B6, F4
Berryville, Arkansas
85, BS, F7
Bishop, Wythe Washington
Sl2, B8, F6
Boles, Thomas
83, B3, F12; S6, B6, F5
Boudinot, Elias Cornelius
S3, B3, F12
Boudinot, May
84, B5, F4
Bourland, Othello M.
812, B8, Fl0
Branch Bible society
84, B4, F8
Brough, Charles Hillman
812, B8, F9
Brown, John Elward
84, BS, F3-4
Brown, William
Sl, Bl, Fl
Buchanan, John A.
S4, B4, F9-11
Buckner, Sinclair
Sll, B8, Fl
Burrows Tavern
81, Sl, F3
Campbell and strong
Sl, B2, Fl
Cane Hill, Arkansas
84, Bl, F8-12; SI, B5, Fl; Sll, B8, F3; 812, B8, F5
cane Hill College
84, B4, F12; S4, B5, F1
Caraway, Hattie W.
S6, B6, Fl
Caraway, Thaddeus H.
86, B6, F6
Carter's Store
Sl, Bl, F5
S4, B5, F2
Cave Springs, Arkansas
SS, B6, FlO
Cellman, William M,
S2, B3, Fl
Sll, BS, F3
Cincinnati, Arkansas
S5, B5, F5
Cincinnati Male Academy
S5, B5, F5
SS, B6, F13-14
Clark County
Sll, BS, Fl
Cline, George
Sl, Bl, Fl
Crawford County
S3, B3, F12
S12, BS, F6
Cross County
S9, B6, Fl5
Davis, H. o.
S5, BS, F7
Davis, Henry H.
S5, B5, F9
Davis, Jeff
S6, B6, F5
Dewitt, Arkansas
S1, B1, F6
Dickenson, Benjamin
S11, B8, F1
Donaghey, George W.
S6, B6, Fl
Duvall, Ben T.
S9, B6, F13
Eagle, J. D.
S6r B6, F7
Edgar, John Clive
Sl, Bl, Fl
Eno, Clara Bertha
S9, B6, F14
Erwin, John
S4, B4, F7
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
S9, B6, F14
Evans, Samuel
Sl, Bl, Fl
Evans, William L.
S11, B8, F3
Falconer, William A.
S6, B6, F5
Fayetteville, Arkansas
S3, B3, F12; SB, B6, Fll; S11, BB, F3; S5, B5, F7; S6, B6, F2;
Fayetteville Business college
S5, B5, F7
Finger, Charles~
Sl2, BB, FB
Fort Smith, Arkansas
SB, B6, FlO
Fort Smith Aircraft Company
S1, B2, F3
Fort Smith Commercial League
S2, B3, Fll
Fort Smith Central Trades and Labor Council
S2, B3, Fll
Fort Smith and Western Railroad
SlO, B6, F16
France, Isabel
S12, BB, F7
Franklin County
S3, B3, F13
Freeman, F. F.
S6, B6, Fl
Fulbright, James William
S5, B5, FlO; S7, B6, F8; S12, BB, F7
Gray, D. L.
S4, B4, F7
Gray, Joseph
Sll, BB, Fl
Hays, George w.
S6, B6, F6
Haldeman, Peter
Sl, Bl, F2
Hare, Jewell Sigma
S9, B6, F15
Harrison, Marshal LaRue
S3, B3, F12
Harvey, William H "Coin"
S6, B6, F6
Heartsill, W. B. W.
S6, B6, F5
Helena, Arkansas
S2, B3, F6
Helena Philomathic Club
S2, B3, F6
Hendrix College
S4, B4, F6
Hempstead County
S11, B8, Fl
Hinds, John T.
S4, B5, F2
Holland, John H,
S6, B6, F5
Hon, Daniel
S6, B6, F6
Hot Springs, Arkansas
S11, B8, F4
Hudson, Thomas c.
S11, B8, Fl
Hunt, J.M.
S12, B8, F10
Hunter, Andrew
S4, B4, F4-5
John Brown College
S4, B5, F4
Jones, James K,
S6, B6, F5
Jonesboro College
S4, B5, F2
Kansas Ciy, Pittsburgh, and Gulf Railroad
SlO, B6, F15
Kirby, William F.
S6, B6, F6
Ku Klux Klan
S2, B3, Fl
Knights of Phythias
S2, B3, F2
Leeper, Matthew
S9, B6, F14
Lemke, Walter J.
S9, B6, F15; S12: B8, F5
Lewis, Bracken
Sll, B8, F2
Livingston, H.B.
S8, B6, F10
Little, John
S9, B6 1 F13
Little Rock, Arkansas
S8, B6, F10; S8, B6, F11; S12, B8, F9
Little Rock and Fort Smith Railway
S10, B7, Fl-2
Lonesome Ridge Literary Society
Sl, B1, F5
Long, Isaac
S4, B4, F7
McCulloch, Anthony
811, B8, Fl
McDaniel, I.R.
Sl, Bl, F7
McDonald, A.A.
S4, B5, F2
McFarlane, R.W.
S6, B6, F5
Martin, Charles M.
S4, B4, F7
Memphis and Little Rock Railroad
S10, B6, F16
84, B4, F2-6
Miers, Daniel
811, B8, F3
Moore, J. W.
84, B4, F7
Mosaic Templars
S2, B3, FlO
"Myrick vs. Sutton and Hudson"
Sl 1, B8, F4
Napoleon, Arkansas
Sl, Bl, F3
Neal, James~
83, B3, F12
Nowland, Bryant L.
811, B8, Fl
Oldfield, William Allan
S6, B6, Fl
Ozark, Arkansas
Sl, B2, Fl
Ozark Institute
S9, B6, F12
Parnell, Harvey
86, B6, F7
Pennington, William H.
811, B8, F4
Peters, Andrew J.
S3, B3, F12
Phillips, Fred H.
S6, B6, F5
Pike, Albert
Sll, B8, Fl
Pine Bluff
S5, B5, F7
Pittman, James M.
S3, B3, F12
Pittman, Samuel P.
S9, B6, F13
Political Equality League
S6, B6, F2
Pope County
Sll, B8, F3
Powhatan, Arkansas
Sl, Bl, F2
S4, B4, F7-12; S4, B5, Fl
Pugh, George Bernard
Sll, B8, F4
Pulaski County
S6, B6, F6
Read, Lessie Stringfellow
S9, B6, F15; S12, BS, F5-7
Real Estate Bank of Arkansas
Sll, BS, Fl
Remmel, Harmon L.
S6, B6, F6
Reynolds and Neville
Sl, Bl, F6
Richards, Charles M.
S4, B4, F7
Roane, John Selden
S6, B6, F4
Robinson, David E.
S3, B3, F12
Robinson, Joseph T.
S6, B6, F6
Rogers, Arkansas
S2, B3, F2; S5, B5, F6; S6, B6, Fl; S7, B6, FS
Rogers Academy
S5, B5, F6
Rotenberry, A. L.
S6, B6, F6
st. Charles, Arkansas
Sl, Bl, F4
St. Francis River
S6, B6, F4
St. Louis, El Reno, and Western Railway
S10, B6, F16
St. Louis, Iron Mountain, and Southern Railway
S10, B6, F17
St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad
S10, B6, F16
Seamster, Alvin
S2, B3, Fl; S9, B6, F15
Sebastian County
S6, B6, F5; SS, B6, FlO
Sellers, George William
S3, B3, F12
Siloam Springs
S2, B3, F7-9; S4, B5, F4
Siloam Springs Fortnightly Club
S2, B3, F7-9
Shinn, Josiah
S4, B4, F6
Stringfellow, Alice Johnson
812, B8, F5
Subiaco, Arkansas
S4, B5, F2
Sulphur Springs, Arkansas
S7, B6, F8; S4, B5, F4
Tellham, William
S1, Bl, Fl
S6, B6, F3
Tomason, H.F.
S9, B6, F13
Tucker, Lee Carroll
S9, B6, F14
Turner, Jesse
S3, B3, F12; S9, B6, F13
Trott, James E.
S3, B3, F12
University of Arkansas
S2, B3, F3-4; S5, B5, FlO
Van Hoose, George Washington
S9, B6, F12
Van Winkle, Peter
S9, B6, F15
Vanndale, Arkansas
S9, B6, F15
Walker, Charles Whiting
S3, B3, F12
Walker, David
S3, B3, F12
Ward, James
S11, B8, Fl
Washington County
Sl, Bl, F5; S3, B3, Fl2; 86, B6, F6; S11, B8, F2
Waterson, Margaret
83, B3, F12
Wilson, Albert
811, B8, F3
Wilson, Alfred Mcilroy
83, B3, Fl2
Wilson, James M.
84, B4, F7
Wilson, William
83, B3, F12; 811, B8, F3
Winslow, Arkansas
SB, B6, F9
S2, B3, FS-9; S6, B6, F2
Wood, Carroll D.
S6, B6, F5
Yell, Archibald
89, B6, F15
South by Southwest Collection
Kim Allen Scott
August 1989
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Finding aid is written in English.

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